E-Filing Help

For technical support, please contact us Monday - Friday from 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. Eastern time.

  • Call (404) 463-1980 or  866-589-7327 for area codes outside of 404, 770, or 678.

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  • Login Screen

At the login screen you must enter your User ID, Password, and e-mail address that has been registered with the State Ethics Commission.

    • User ID: Your User ID is case sensitive.
    • Password: Passwords are case sensitive. You must type the password exactly as given to you by the State Ethics Commission. If your password is “AbCd2234” you may not enter “ABCD2234.”
    • Email Address: Email address is case sensitive.
  • Navigation
    • Do not use the "BACK" and "FORWARD" button on your browser.
    • Click on links or use the buttons to move through the Electronic Filing System.
    • Use the TAB key or your mouse to move from field to field within a screen.
    • Use SHIFT and TAB simultaneously to move backwards through data-entry fields.
  • Entering Information
    • Dates: You must enter dates in this format:  MM/DD/YYYY. For example, August 15, 2004, should be entered as “08/15/2004.”
    • Amounts: You must enter amounts in this format:  #### or ####.##.
      For example, $1,000.55, should be entered as “1000.55”, and $100 should be entered as “100” or “100.00."